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Who owns an ambulances BOLLANTI®, chose a prestigious brand and technology.Can only expect the best not only for the functionality of theproduct, but alsoin terms of assistance.

The first objectivein the design of our ambulances, is to minimizethe possibilitythat failuresoccur and that needs assistance. "Superservice" is the service network Bollanti more 'widespreadin the industry, continuously expanding, coordinated directly from our office.

With over 150 service centers throughout the country, in every part of Italy, you canfeel confident to receive the necessary assistance.

Through the assistance we provide online support centers a wealth of immediate answers to any kind of technical problems.

Wherever you are, the next service center BOLLANTI®  is never too far away.

Responsabile: Mauro Pattaro

Tel: 0773 254027
Fax diretto: 0773 254027
Fax front office: 0773 258255
E-Mail: integra.assistenza@bollanti.it

Centri di assistenza Bollanti diffusi su tutto il territorio nazionale 

(Cliccando sulla Regione d’interesse, è possibile consultare l’elenco completo dei Centri di Assistenza Autorizzati presenti sul territorio)

Piemonte valle daosta Lombardia Emilia Romagna Trentino Alto Adige Friuli Venezia Giulia Veneto Toscana Liguria Marche Umbria Lazio Abruzzo Campania Molise Puglia Basilicata Calabria Sicilia Sardegna

If you have any question, any doubt or you just want to contact our area representative or receive our information material, we are here to answer you and offer you the best possible help.

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