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The Brand Bollanti® is synonymous of quality and innovation, qualities that have revolutionized the market of ambulances and healthcare vehicles in the last 30 years. The continuous research and development has led to successes at international level.

We design and manufactureof high-tech medical vehicles to provide the best possible support to health professionals in their assistance and protection of human health.

Since then, across a range of emergency vehicles ever more innovative and versatile, which isconfirmed yearafter year themost popular andthe most qualified on the market.

The technological challenge
The first cell health CS2 made entirely of reinforced composite material with no metal structure. A revolutionary vehicle in 1990 has helped to increase the level of commercial brand Bollanti.

The collaboration with the Vatican
In conjunction with the Jubilee of 2000, the company has been chosen by the Vatican for the provision of ambulances and mobile clinics for the pilgrims, also had the honor of building the Popemobile of Pope John Paul II.

Large Orders
In 2001 there was the big contract with the Italian Ministry of Defence for the provision of 124 ambulances and great blood donation vehicle for the Navy in Taranto. Other large supplies were for police, becoming a point of reference for car manufacturers.


BOLLANTI ®  Ambulances

The evolution of species is marked sometimes by unusual progress.

With more than 20 patents filed and / or issued are in fact the company that has revolutionized the concept of an ambulance. In Bollanti designing means going beyond the design, it is essential to maintain a perfect balance, that spouses convenience of the patient care, quality and reliability of the materials, their esthetic and functional ones.

The design of the components follows the logic of modern design that puts the feature as its main objective to be pursued by giving value to our products or any component of it.

We firmly believe in the concept of security, as evidenced by the careful studies and tests with virtual computer simulations, the static tensile tests on the seats and structural calculations, carried out by our designers with modern computer software CATIA V5 3D.

We have gone further and to make sure we have faced extremely ambulance and passed the most stringent tests:

• CRASH TEST entire vehicle equipped (crash test involves all the main supports and anchors)

• Certification EN 1789

• CRASH TEST for the anchorage of seats 20G (ECE R17)

• APPROVAL for the series production of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport


Our projects take shape on platforms of design and 3D solid models. The aesthetics, more accurate and refined, is the consequence of achieving the objectives of the product.

The safety before anything else
Virtual simulations guide us during the design phase and the Directive ECE R-17 crash tests have confirmed the safety of our products.


Ambulanze nella Storia. Immagini di alcune trasformazione realizzate negli anni 1980 e 1990, che hanno rivoluzionato il concetto di ambulanza.
  • 1990-CS2 presentata all'Hospital di Bologna, la prima cellula sanitaria applicata su telaio fiat ducato, con un sistema che consentiva di asportare la cellula dal veicolo e utilizzarla fissa a terra come postazione sanitaria (ospedale da campo).
  • 1992-Fiat Croma ambulanza, la versione berlina trasformata in station wagon, con allungamento vano posteriore e rialzo del tetto.
  • 1988-Fiat Panda 4x4, allungamento telaio di 30 cm e rialzo del tetto. 
  • 1987-Ford Transit, con doppio sistema elettro-idraulico per sollevare la barella primaria e permettere l'alloggiamento di una seconda barella e, sollevatore laterale del paziente seduto in carrozzina per facilitare l'accesso in ambulanza.
  • 1990-Fiat Ducato passo lungo trasformato in ambulanza neonatale, arredo realizzato in acciaio e alluminio, comparto sanitario separato in due ambienti.
  • 1990-Fiat Ducato per CRI Torre Pellice, con illustrazione della sospensione pneumatica attiva.
  • 1986-Renault Espace ambulanza di trasporto con doppia barella.


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