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AMBUCHECK the new technology for ambulances

The new technology applied to the emergency vehicles that allows to make a “check up” of the ambulance just pressing a button on the control panel. The system verifies automatically if all the necessary medical devices are on board and  the ambulance ready to be used in case of emergency. The technique used, up till now, to control the medical devices on board of the ambulance, implies the medical staff to make an accurate check of the ambulance,filling a form where all medical devices are listed and where their  presence ( or absence)  is ticked off  manually.The AMBUCHECK system can grant an immediate  control on all the vehicles on which it is installed, thus obtaining not only a quick feedback concerning the complete equipments situation  of the vehicle, and therefore its  readiness for use, but also a sensible reduction of the time needed  for the completion  of this operation with respect to the manual check. When the AMBUCHECK system detects the absence of one or more medical devices, it activates visual and acoustic warnings  on the display of the control panel in driver cabin : a red “alarm” warning  with the description of the missing device will be displayed. Once the missing item is set back in ambulance the system turns off automatically the alarm, giving an “Ok  equipment complete ” green light  indicating that the ambulance is ready for the emergency service. 


The Product Test  of the AMBUCHECK system will be performed within the first four months of the year 2018. A prototype  will be installed on the ambulances of a  representative sample of emergency  services .This will allow us to evaluate its performance, its features and have a feedback on its  appreciation. The test will be done  under our close control and observation. The result of this fact-finding and qualitative survey, will allow to note significant aspects of the system throughout its use and  have feedbacks on possible improvements in order to satisfy all customer’s expectations. It is very important for us to perform this kind of test as this will allow the final user to express its own functional preferences and we can have a feedback directly from the “field” concerning its  real performances.

Real progress happens only when advantages of a new technology become available to everybody

AMBUCHECKwill be easy to buy  and install from anyambulance manufactures as well as to anybody interested in its application. 

Further information will be givenupon request

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