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AMBUCHECK the new technology for ambulances

A CONSISTENT help for those who operate in emergency. AMBUCHECK ( patented) is an automatic device that allows to verify  the presence of all medical devices on board of the ambulance. They system is automatically activated when one of the door of the ambulance is closed or by pushing a button of the control unit of the driver cabin. In just a few seconds the system check if all the medical devices, needed for the use of the ambulance in emergency, are present on board. If one or more devices are missing, an acoustic alarm goes on and the name of the missing devices appear  on the display of the control unit in driver cabin. When the missing device is set back  inside the ambulance, the alarm goes off automatically. The system is useful both before setting off for an emergency service as well as in coming back from the service, in order to check that all devices are inside the ambulance and nothing has been left behind in the emergency spot. The AMBUCECK system can be installed also on Firefighting vehicles and on vehicles of the Civil Protection. 

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