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Enhancing Lighting System

Always a step ahead.

A lot of substance and a few technical terms. Exceptional level of reliability and light output reached for the integral spoiler .
With over 230 applications , the spoiler INTEGRA does not need any introduction. As with the entire range of products constantly updated improvement, will be equipped with new groups and high-brightness LED durability.
An exceptional light output for maximum visibility to the rescue vehicle and facilitates its recognition in urban traffic. The rescue vehicle will be distinguishable even from long distances, in all weathers.

In order to ensure prompt and quick availability of spare parts , we have adopted components of Italian manufacture .
For the energy supply of the medical emergency : the spoiler is equipped with special seats integral molded to accommodate a pair of solar panels that produce energy to recharge the batteries and internal electrical devices.

Those who want to improve the lighting system of its visual ambulance, under the additional integral spoiler , you can choose :
- Technical front spoiler (application on the bonnet ) equipped with dual LED headlights strobe , twin headlights and side lighting .
- System Ludis located below the lighthouse, with 5 white LED daytime , and blue LED strobe light trilogy .

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