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In planning the new signaling and lighting system

The Masters open the door that leads to changes, but it is up to you to step beyond its threshold. A new external illumination system is being designed. To guide our choices there is, above all, the passion merged with the belief that the ambulances are working tools aimed to respond to the needs of humanity. In the last years we witnessed a competition among ambulance manufacturers focused only in stupefying  the market with application of spoilers and lights, placed in every corner of the vehicle body,  without a real and senseful design idea. Our vision has always been aimed to bring, in every new project, a "real progress". In the specific case, a revolution in the illumination system for the emergency signalling of the ambulances . Our "call" as ambulance specialist and real innovators, leads us to consider the ambulance a benefit for humanity as well as, a precious instrument for whoever will use it . Therefore the project, once completed, will give to the ambulance manufacturer also a new inspiration and  a new guide line for their own projects. When one decides to "break the schemes", to revolutionise what has been up till now, it takes courage to risk but, on the other end, a new standard is established. This new standard we named "Aero Special B19" (Presentation end 2019)

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