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Plafon new standard.

The Professional model 118, is continually enriched with new technical solutions , and all provided in series production .
The new Plafon NP2014 , which plays the attic, as well as having a unique design that perfectly matches the decor, has maximum functionality and excellent performance.The LED lighting technology ensures a long life , excellent light spread over the area health , and in particular to the treatment area of the patient , which can also be illuminated by specific LED ceiling placed in line at the head of the patient . The Plafon NP2014 also provides adequate air conditioning thanks to a new system of ductwork and air distribution than the regulations EN1789 .
The Plafon is also equipped with 4 white LED spotlights to light , a compartment accessible with sliding (no doors that invade the health area ) where they find lodging n.02 drip closable door ; a compartment accessible from sliding where he finds lodging with an outlet oxygen mask to fall from above.
At the bottom of Plafon has an integrated fan / exhaust fan 3 speed , protected by special casing with ventilation grilles . The Plafon is designed to accommodate 300 LED perimeter lighting at night.

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